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Today is just another day,
I feel the same like yesterday,
I'm full of doubts today again,
I'll just regret it on the end...

But wait, that is about to change,
'Cause I will break free from this cage!
And everything will turn around,
Right now!

*It's not too late, let us start again,
Put all those tears into an end,
And learn the lessons from mistakes,
'Cause life is just a single take...

**Let's put away our past behind,
Regrets are not meant to rewind,
Don't be afraid to start again,
Because you know we can...

***1336!N 565!N!

I'm tired of crying everyday,
And I do always run away,
It's time for me to change,
'Cause all I need is some courage!

Come on and let us put a fight!
And we are gone to see the light,
And everything will turn around...
Right now!

[Repeat *]
[Repeat **]
[Repeat ***]

[Repeat **]

...Begin again.

'1336!N 565!N!' stands for 'Begin Again' (13 = B, 3 = E, 6 = G, ! = I, N = N, 5 = A)
A set of codes my classmate taught me when I was on my elementary years. I just taught of using this in writing this set of lyrics. And there is a good reason for the transformation of the phrase 'begin again' into '1336!N 565!N'. One will find out once he/she listens to the song itself.
I close my eyes,
And all I see are piled up lies
Cause in their eyes,
They see the me, don't recognize

I see his face,
I'm falling into his embrace
I see her gaze,
I'm caught up into her strong pace

**Ah, I don't know anymore,
I just wanna run away,
Run away to a place so far away
Ah, I don't know anymore,
Who am I supposed to be?
Should I see the real me and set myself free?

They're criticized,
I can now see it with my eyes,
I'm in disguise,
They're watching, no, they analyze

He held my hand,
I'm going to another land,
She called me and,
I just can't let go, I just can't...

[Repeat **]

***Who really am I inside?
What am I trying to hide?
I cannot see with my eyes,
The "me" I can't realize

[Repeat ***]

[Repeat **]

...Should I see the real me and set myself free?
Watching you from afar,
As you simply step on the stage,
The crowd's screaming, people cheering,
Waiting for you on your first song.

The night grew darker, the lights grew brighter,
As the loud music starts to play, as they say "hey!"
I simply watched you, as your sang to me your first words,
I listened to them, drowning myself within your voice.

The crowd's shouting grew louder,
As you completely swept the stage on,
Completely amazed at how stunning you are,
Completely entranced by your magical aura.

I found myself, wanting to join the crowd,
Wanting to shout, and scream my heart out,
But then I realized, "will you ever hear my voice?"
"Will you even notice me, from these thousands of people screaming?"

I found myself asking, "will you be able to look me in the eye?"
"Will you ever hear me when I call your name?"
Maybe, maybe, I'm hoping still,
Even though I know it's hopeless, impossible.

Finally, the last of the songs played,
I'm simply waiting until the night's over,
Once again, I trapped myself,
Inside your soul, inside your voice.

The whole thing was fun, I must admit,
I must not deny, everything's amazing,
For this one single night, once again,
I've been able to witness, your amazing grace.

Maybe I'll never see you again,
This will be the last time, I'm gonna follow you,
For I have realized, I still have my own life,
A life to live, a life to cherish.

Someday, I'll find someone,
Someone better, who'll be able to realize,
I'm just here, staying by their side,
Waiting for them, to take a little notice.
As we walked through the street,
Somehow, the route felt a little bit longer.
Time passes by, our feet synchronized,
As we casually chat, about anything, and everything.

I can't stop looking at those eyes,
Eyes that tells me your sadness.
Lips that tells me those sweet words,
And your face that tells me everything's alright,
Even it's obvious that it's not.

Somehow, I found myself chasing behind you.
These feelings I can't shake off.
Without a single word, I am always beside you.
And I will always be, even if I know it hurts.

I tried a thousand times, from a thousand chances.
These words I've been longing to say.
But somehow, when I get to face you,
I can't simply spill it out, like my lips gets sealed.

I don't know why can't I gather the courage,
To tell you honestly how I feel?
Maybe because I know I am afraid enough,
Afraid enough I might lose you in the end.

We've finally reached our destination,
And I never realized how time flies so fast,
We have now to part ways,
Going back to our home.

I'll just let the wind carry these feelings,
Carry it straight to your heart,
Hoping you'll move on, and realize everything,
That I'll be always by your side.